When to Prune and When Not To

You should also consider the best time to prune or trim, however the best time will also depend on why you have to do the trimming in the first place. You just don’t trim or prune your trees because you feel like it. Like everything else, there is a best time to do this task.

The removal of dead wood and some light pruning can be achieved anytime. Here are some guidelines on when to prune and when not to.

Winter Pruning

The most common pruning practice is during dormancy. It results in new growth during the spring and should be used if you desired this effect. Pruning during this season will yield a good effect to the trees especially if the wounds heal faster during this time than any other time. However, it is recommended to wait until the winter’s coldest part will pass. Or, you can do the pruning during either during early winter or late winter. There are tree species like walnuts, maple and birches that might bleed if their sap begins to flow. So, you also have to consider the specie of a tree before you decide when to prune.

Summer Pruning

If you want to slow a ‘dwarf’ development of a branch or tree or you want to direct the growth of the branches, you should do the trimming after the seasonal growth to start pruning. The slowing effect will allow you to reduce the total leaf surface, which reduced the amount of manufactured food and sent to the tree’s roots. This way, the development of the branches will slow down just like how you want it. Another best reason to do summer pruning is for corrective purposes.

When Not to Trim or Prune

A tree’s decay fundi will spread during fall and healing of the tree’s wound is slower, this time shouldn’t be the time to prune your trees. Pruning at a bad time will only yield bad effects to the tree because it won’t be able to heal fast but will make the tree bleed even more. It’s best to wait for the best season to prune your trees for fast healing.

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