Reasons Why You Have to Prune or Trim a Tree

Whether the tree is not in a good shape or its branches are already blocking the way, it is best to consider pruning or trimming a tree. Letting the tree grow out its branches is not a good idea because these will cause hazards in the near future.

No matter what reasons you have, trimming and pruning a tree in the right way is a must. The reasons why trees are trimmed and pruned are because of the following purposes: safety, aesthetics and health. Why so?

  • Safety

Broken and dead limbs or branches have the chances of falling off any time. Imagine having many trees in your wide backyard. You should consider this as a serious safety hazard. Take this example too. Have you tried driving but the road is blocked by the branches of a tree? These branches could obstruct your vision while you are driving, thus there’s a need of trimming. Also, branches grow close some utility lines. The trees’ branches could disrupt the connection of the utility lines.

  • Aesthetics

Like mentioned, pruning and trimming a tree will help to maintain its appearance and shape. If you have seen trees with good shape and looks healthy, it looks appealing right? A healthy-looking tree is appealing to the eyes, and it really healthy. Remember though; don’t try to impose an unnatural size or shape on a tree even if it’s best to trim it. There should be a right amount of pruning and trimming so you couldn’t seriously damage the tree.

  • Health

If a tree is infected, it is best to save it to prune away affected limbs and branches. If you are not going to do it, the whole tree would be affected and you will have more problems in the future. One way is to thin the crown of a tree so the airflow will improve. Improving the airflow will become very beneficial to the tree. If the trees’ branches are rubbing or crossing together, it should also be trimmed to it won’t fall off any time.

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